May Blog Stats

Happy Friday!

I’d like to start by acknowledging yes, as of today, we are already half way through June. But! I’ve reconsidered the way I incorporated blog stats in May’s Monthly Wrap Up and decided I want to do it differently.

I love reading blog stats, and I want to post mine for similarly nosy readers and my own accountability. Still, blog stats combined with my regular reading and writing updates made for a busy post.

So here’s the new plan! On the last day of each month, I will post a Monthly Wrap Up detailing what I read and wrote and what is coming down the pipeline. Then, on the first day of each new month, I will post (briefer) Blog Stats.

Here’s Month 2!


  • Views: 35 (+34%)
  • Visitors: 18 (+50%)
  • Average Views per Visitor: 1.94 (+16%)
  • Likes: 10 (+100%)
  • Followers: 8 (+33%)

Most Popular Posts

  1. The Business: Futures in Publishing 2017
  2. April Wrap Up
  3. Review: Golden Son by Pierce Brown


There is still tons of room for improvement, as you can see. Still, I’m proud that I managed to grow every category this month in spite of exams, moving, and starting a new job. Here’s to lots of reading and writing this summer!

Do you keep close track of your blog’s stats or prefer to just let them be? Let me know in the comments!


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